Environmental benefits of purchasing remanufactured cartridges

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•  Cartridge manufacturing will eliminate more than 42,000 tons of plastic, metal,

    and toner from the waste stream.

•  Every cartridge that is remanufactured saves that core, consisting of approximately

    two and a half pounds of industrial-grade plastic, from going into the waste stream.          

•   Industrial-grade plastic does not begin to degrade for at least 1,000 years.

•  Over 100 million toner cartridges are dumped each year in the U.S. alone.

•  Stacked end-to-end, cartridges thrown away each year would encircle the earth -

   -that's over 23,860 miles.

•  Three quarts of oil are used to produce each new toner cartridge.


A boy in Guiyu, China sweeping toner from a printer cartridge. During the manufacturing of an OEM cartridge, more than three quarts of oil are consumed. This equates to more than 375,000,000 gallons of oil consumed every year to make toner and inkjet cartridges. Even worse than these staggering atrocities is that many cartridges end up in cities like Guiyu, China where they are incinerated or dissolved with hazardous chemicals to extract residual metals. These processes contaminate the local air, soil and groundwater and one in ten children in Guiyu have birth defects due to this horrific pollution.

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By making sure your cartridges go to Laser Business Solutions, you are assured they will be reused.  The OEM cartridge return programs generally do not reuse the cartridges.  They are simply shredded and/or dumped in third-world countries.

Laser Business Solutions is a world-class competitor with the OEMs and offers high-quality products based on extensive research and testing.

Environmental Commitment

Laser Business Solutions is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers while preventing pollution and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities. Best practices include:

Minimize our carbon impact
Prioritize remanufacturing, reclaim as much reusable material as possible
End-of-life processing for all assets collected that cannot be remanufactured
Industry's only grinding operation focused on the reclamation of raw materials from end-of-life laser toner cartridges
Exceed global industry practices for responsible materials recycling and final disposition of electronics products
Laser Business Solutions is dedicated to continual improvement in all of its environmental activities. This is achieved through rigorous process management, employee empowerment, and accountability for achieving all company goals and objectives.

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