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Ensuring long-term quality and reliability is the foundation of customer satisfaction.  We understand that without strict adherence to quality standards, you simply cannot compete.  Laser Business Solutions utilizes a 5-step protocol which insures you get a reliable and consistent product.

Our remanufacturing approach is the creation of a new benchmark for quality, which is an evolution beyond traditional remanufacturing and stands side-by-side with the OEM.  Our product represents a total approach to aftermarket toner cartridge production, which employs exhaustive Research and Development and OEM benchmarking.



Our vendor partner certifications include:


Inbound Performance Tests

All raw materials are exhaustively tested prior to being released for production.

100% Post Testing

Test pages are generated for each cartridge produced for visual print-quality inspection.

QC Loop

Each cartridge is inspected by a second team using visual guides that show specific critical check points in each model. 


Each cartridges' test pages are visually inspected for quality by a third team prior to packaging.
Each cartridge is uniquely bar-coded to ensure critical component traceability and production accountability.

QC Lab

An intricate matrix is used to sample products from finished inventory in order to conduct destructive testing.

   Eliminates toner buildup on PCR
   Eliminate streatking
   Reduces backgrounding
   Improves overall print quality
   Scalable to various models
   Eliminates leaking
   Retains OEM appearance
   No clips needed
   Maintains original cartridge critical gap alignment
   Scalable to various models
    Automates protocol of setting uniform gaps in all
     HP color cartridges
     Precise gap settings allow for uniform distribution
     of toner onto adder rollers
     Eliminates leaking, print inconsistencies (light/dark
     print) and banding
   Computer guided cutting for superior consistency
   Maintains original cartridge tolerances
   Ensures proper cartridge alignment in printer
   Reduces cutting waste by 99%
   Increases manufacturing efficiencies
   Scalable technology
    Does not remove plastic or cut through
     realignment pins
    Retains OEM appearance
    Maintains critical gaps
    Scalable to various models
    Automated high precision alignment process to help 
     prevent toner build up
    Helps retain original cartridge resilience
    Eliminates banding
    Scalable to various models
The ISO 9001 family of standards for quality management systems.  Requirements in the ISO 9001 standards include:  documenting procedures, monitoring processes, keeping adequate records, taking corrective action, regularly reviewing the overall system and facilitating continuous improvement.
The ISO 19752 standard is a standardized page yield test for monochrome (B/W) laser printer cartridges and is utilized by many printer OEMs.  The test is done with a minimum of nine cartridges tested on three seperate printers with a standard print test page under specific environmental conditions and printer settings.
The ISO 19798 standard is a standardized page yield test for color laser printer cartridges and is utilized by many printer OEMs.  The test is done with a minimum of 12 (three sets of CMYK) cartridges tested on three seperate printers with a standard set of five different print test pages under specific environmental conditions.
ETIRA (European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturers Association) represents the interests of the inkjet and toner remanufacturers in the EU.  A recognized body that effectively manages a remanufacturing code of conduct and an advocate for all topics affecting the industry such as quality, standardization, legal and regulatory advice.
ASC X9 The Accredited Standards Committee X9 has the mission to develop, establish, maintain and promote standards for the Financial Services Industry in order to facilitate delivery of financial services and products.
STMC  The Standardized Test Methods Committee is a global committee formed to find and promote standardized test methods for the printer cartridge industry.